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Sohtech R&D Inc.

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Founded by Tedric Soh in Year 2002, our area of expertise are thermal insulative materials, novel use of liquid metals, metallurgy, materials engineering, mechanical engineering, nuclear engineering, electronics and optics.


Tedric Soh, M. Eng.

 CEO, Chief Product Designer

Tedric is currently a Ph. D. Candidate in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan (U of S) working on the direct conversion of fission energy into electricity using advance nuclear battery technologies. Tedric received his B. Eng. in the Metallurgical Engineering and M. Eng. in Material Engineering from McGill University.

Tedric has over 10 years of research experience with various thermal insulative materials and has worked with the late Maurice Ward, the British inventor of Starlite which is, a unique polymer that is nuclear blast resistant and featured in the Guinness Book of Records.

Tedric is a member of the Model Aeronautics of Canada and the Renegade Flyers RC Club in Surrey, British Columbia. His favorite hobbies are flying giant scale radio controlled 3D aerobatic airplanes, astrophotography and sport boomerang . It is his dream to fly a nuclear powered unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in his lifetime.

Tedric also served as the Representative of the Graduate Student’s Association to the U of S Radiation Safety Committee. He was a Team Lead (Electrical) of the U of S Space Design Team, and was responsible for designing a solar powered lithium polymer battery system for a nanosatellite.

Stewart Soh, B. Comm.


Stewart is Tedric’s younger brother and is currently pursuing his M.Sc. in Global Supply Chain Management (GSCM) at HEC Montreal. He received his Bachelor in Finance from Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University.

Stewart has always been extremely passionate about supply chain and operations management, and feels that his solid finance training provides him with the necessary fundamentals to truly appreciate the essence of cross functional knowledge from GSCM.

Stewart is a team player and always gives his best. His participation of two recent supply chain competitions, the APICS Canadian District Lloyd Clive Memorial Student Case Competition 2015, and the APICS SCC TFC Global Student Case Competition Final 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada, contributes to his teams’ top placement among 400 competing teams.

Stewart will be using his logistics expertise to fulfill the Kickstarter pledges worldwide.


Ronald Soh, CPA, CMA.


Ronald is Tedric’s youngest brother. He grew up in Montreal and began his career working for Environment Canada as an intern in the Finances section. Upon obtaining his B. Comm. in Accounting at McGill University in Year 2010, Ronald moved to Ottawa to join Global Affairs Canada as a Financial Officer. During this time, Ronald obtained accreditation as a professional accountant with CMA Ontario.

Ronald is currently working as a Consular Case Management Officer for Global Affairs Canada where he provides essential assistance and support to Canadians abroad and to their families in Canada. Ronald dedicates his time off to serving on the Board of two local condominium corporations. In addition, he provides pro-bono tax preparation services to low-income residents of his community.

Ronald provides oversight in the financial operation of Sohtech R&D Inc, along with our corporate accountant, Boily Handfield CPA Inc.



Sohtech LiPo Vault

The Ultimate LiPo Storage System – An Award Winning System

Sohtech LiPo Vault is the Graduate Student Association Award Winner of the Tech Venture Challenge 2016 (please open ‘News’ tab in ILO website), as well as being, the Best Overall Startup Winner of the i3 Idea Challenge 2016 at the Wilson Centre of Entrepreneurial Excellence of the University of Saskatchean.

The Industry Liaison Office, the Wilson Centre and the Edwards School of Business, of the University of Saskatchewan and their partners provided workshops, and valuable business and advisory support to the Sohtech LiPo Vault.