What is the Sohtech LiPo Vault?

Sohtech LiPo Vault is the ultimate storage system for lithium polymer batteries (LiPos) for today and tomorrow. Sohtech have studied what is missing in current commercial and experimental methods to address a LiPo fire. Using feedback from RC users and RC industry professionals, we have built and improved on several prototypes and have created the LiPo Vault that represents a truly innovative solution to the LiPo fire and smoke problem.

The Sohtech LiPo features a solid durable design made using state of the art 3D CAD design modelling, precisely made with CNC machining. Our Multiple8 Fire Proof Compartments are lined with fire rated tiles and prevent a single LiPo fire to spread to your entire LiPo collection and becomes a larger fire.

Our Universal Electrical Feedthrough System gives you the flexibility to use any charging and balancing wiring setup.

Our Active Filtration System reduces the amount of toxic fume released into your environment in case of fire.

The Sohtech LiPo Vault also comes with an industry leading product replacement discount program. If at any time a LiPo fire occurred in your Sohtech LiPo Vault within 1 year of delivery, you may have a 10% discount on the replacement unit.

With all these great features and benefits, we think you will agree with us that the Sohtech LiPo Vault is truly The Ultimate LiPo Storage System.


What are so dangerous about a LiPo fire and its smoke?

The lithium polymer fire is very difficult to extinguish once the thermal runaway conditions occurs. It burns with an intense flame of over 800oC. The combustion of the polymer (plastics) and fluorine containing electrolyte emits toxic fumes and hydrofluoric acid. Some LiPos have lithium cobalt oxide in their construction and their smoke will contain cobalt, which has been identified as possibly carcinogenic to humans.

IACO has banned the transportation of lithium ion (including LiPo) batteries in all civilian aircraft as of April 2016, because the risk involved is too great. LiPo is one of the most dangerous household items today.


Isn’t there a protection circuit in the LiPo battery?

Contrary to public perception, the LiPo batteries used in RC does not contain any protection circuit.



I heard it somewhere that it is dangerous to store LiPos in an ammo box?

Someone just pulled a fast one on you. It is well known in RC community to never store a LiPo in a closed ammo box without a venting hole. So you really have to question the intention of this individual who claims to be an expert on LiPo safety and ignites a LiPo inside a closed and unvented ammo box, then turning around and using this as a justification to sell you his product, which is just another metal box with a handle (like an ammo box). This same individual also claims in his product video that LiPo smoke is harmless, as his device has no provision to reduce the toxic smoke, so it is okay for you to breathe it.

There are many RC users storing their LiPos in ammo boxes today. There are short comings of a standard ammo box and all other products in the market today and these are all addressed by the innovative features in our Sohtech LiPo Vault, namely, Multiple Fire Proof Compartments, Universal Electrical Feedthrough System and Active Filtration System.


Why is having more than one fire proof compartment important?

Having one LiPo catch fire is bad enough, imagine having it spread to multiple LiPos. The Sohtech LiPo Vault stops this domino effect right in its tracks with its fire resistant tiles.

Most RC users have more than 1 LiPo battery. Our LiPo collection increases both in number and size as we get more involved with our hobby and upgrade our systems. Any well designed and engineered LiPo storage system should have firewall for this reason.


What is the size of each fire proof compartment in the Sohtech LiPo Vault?

For Sohtech LiPo Vault MAX model (8 Compartments):

6.3 cm L x 7.7 cm W x 20.0 cm H
2.5″ L x 3.0″ W x 7.9″ H


For Sohtech LiPo Vault XL model (6 Compartments):

8.4 cm L x 7.7 cm W x 20.0 cm H
 3.3″ L x 3.0″ W x 7.9″ H


As long as your LiPos are physically smaller than the above dimension, they will fit in the Sohtech LiPo Vault.


If you need even larger compartment, please don’t hesitate to contact us as we will be happy to customize your unit for you.


What are the dimension and weight of the Sohtech LiPo Vault?

The Sohtech LiPo Vault has a dimension of 32.5 cm L x 25.0 cm W x 28.0 cm H or 12.8″ L x 9.8″ W x 11″ H.

The Sohtech LiPo Vault has solid durable construction and weights 5.5 kg or 12 lbs. Our research indicates that a large thermal mass is important, because it acts as a high capacity fast responding heat sink to absorb and to dissipate the heat when a LiPo fire occurs.



Can I charge my LiPos using my charger with the Sohtech LiPo Vault?

Yes, our fume stopping Universal Electrical Feedthrough System gives you the freedom to use any type of charging wire and balancing cable setups.

You can charge up to 4 channels with any type of charging cable (up to AWG#10) and balancing cables (up to 14S) in the Sohtech LiPo Vault, this covers 99% of all LiPo users’ charging requirement so you will never need an upgrade down the road in the future.

If your setup needs longer charging and balancing cables to have your LiPos charging inside the Sohtech LiPo Vault, we will be offering in-house custom wiring service before the Kickstarter shipment so stay tuned. You will have free shipping on all custom charging cables when shipped with your Sohtech LiPo Vault. 

LiPo bag is cheaper, why should I get a the Sohtech LiPo Vault?

The Sohtech LiPo Vault actually has one of the lowest cost per unit of LiPo stored when you consider that it can hold up to eight 6S 6000mAh LiPos with its fire proof compartments.

The picture looks even better for Sohtech LiPo Vault when you include all the great features that a simple LiPo bag does not have like the ACTIVE Fume Filtration System, the flexibility to charge up to four channels of 14S batteries with filter protection, free shipping for custom wiring with the purchase of the Sohtech LiPo Vault and one year discount on the replacement unit in case of fire. You will realize right away that the Sohtech LiPo Vault gives you the best value that your money can buy for years to come.

Sohtech LiPo Vault is the Ultimate LiPo Storage System and is priced fairly at USD$149 (on Kickstarter, full retail at US$199), which is less than the cost of a single good brand name 6S 5000mAh LiPo. When you consider that the Sohtech LiPo Vault protects you 24/7, the only time your LiPos will be out of it is when you are using them, it really makes the Sohtech LiPo Vault as indispensable to any LiPo user as, if not more important than, a good LiPo charger. Get it today!